Online measurement: development completed successfully



Based on the robust and proven EasyCal-technology of our hand held sensors  we develloped an online measurement head tough enough for rough process environments that uses calibrations identical to the hand held units.

SOLID-Kopf Our sales partner  EMG Automation from Wenden is now offering this sensor for online lubricant measurement branded as EMG SOLID® (Surface Oil Layer Inline Determination).

This is EMGs third sensor system being intergated into o-frames and process control units for the online measurement of relevant parameters in the processing of steel and aluminium strip.

The infrared spectroscopic measurement system SOLID® delivers 60 real time measurements per second out of a distance of 120 mm. The reliable measurement values of the lubricant thickness can be displayed in  g/m2 or mg/sqft as a data cube over strip length and width.

You would like to know more about  EMG SOLID®?  Please contact the responsible EMG sales manager Mr. Jochen Fryn, head of European Sales any time
( +49 2762 612 212, ), or visit
the EMG web site.