IOS oil film gauge

When producing and processing steel and other metals, it is essential to perform regular thickness measurements of the oil plating; however, traditional methods are cumbersome, expensive or time-consuming. The IOS NG2 oil film gauge  permits the determination of the oil coat thickness in a contact-free and non-destructive manner within fractions of a second. The underlying infrared technology for this sensor was developed by Infralytic GmbH and has transformed into a worldwide standard for this application.

The lightweight, user-friendly and portable NG2 oil film gauge corresponds to the latest state-of-the-art and facilitates high  accuracy thickness measurements.  As a result of continuous optimizations and flexible adjustments to specific customer requirements, we have the ability to provide you with a high-end product based on your needs. Our customer service assists you at any time.

The application spectrum ranges from rolling mills, where the initial oil film is applied as corrosion protection and/or to apply preforming oils, to metal processors, who require an adequate oil film for forming processes, or where the absence of oil is essential before applying paint.

Our oil film gauges are the ideal tool for these purposes.

A well designed graphics display shows the user what they need to know about their oil plating at a glance. The measured values are stored internally and can be downloaded to a PC/laptop/Tablet when needed.

The NG oil film gauge provides a host of benefits:

  • proven infrared filter technology
  • compact and rugged design
  • measurement times of less than a second
  • more than nine hours of battery-powered operation
  • straightforward user interface
  • flexible use in various environments

The measurable oil thickness ranges between 0.2 and 6 µm (in approximately g/m2) of oil coat thickness.

Standard calibrations are available for:

  • untreated cold rolled sheet metal
  • hot dip galvanized sheet metal
  • hot dip aluminized sheet metal
  • electrolytically galvanized sheet-metal (automatic phosphate coating recognition)
  • galvannealed
  • zinc/ nickel
  • granocoat
  • aluminum (mill finish and EDT)

Other calibrations on request.

Users can develop and program specific calibrations by their own.  New functionality in combination with the included software gives you the ability to develop your own calibrations, allowing you to optimally adjust the unit to your application. You can download detailed information about the unit and accessories here:



Download: NG2 oil film gauge information


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