In order for an optical measurement instrument to generate reasonable, e.g. valid measurement values from raw data, this raw data must undergo a host of complicated corrective and transformative calculations – essentially placing the raw data in the proper context. The weighting factors and computing operations required for these steps are collectively referred to as the calibration.

These are sheet-metal grade and partially also lubricant specific, since properties such as lubricant distribution, diffusion and absorption characteristics represent the interaction of substrate and film compounds.

On older measurement units, aging optics and similar issues may cause the correct calibration values to shift slightly over time.
In order to counteract this effect, older oil film gauges must be recalibrated in regular intervals; this is only one of the many services that we offer, so that you are not left on your own with such calibration problems.

As a result, we are consistently expanding the product range of available calibrations, which we will add to your unit on request, such as the latest calibrations for various aluminum grades. It is now also possible to measure surfaces treated with various synthetic lubricants and hotmelts, since these are increasingly displacing classical, transparent, mineral-oil based lubricants (oils).


Should you need calibrations for new or unusual sheet-metal/lubricant combinations, you have the ability to create these in-house (we can train your employees in these procedures), or we can directly perform this on your behalf. However, our distributors are generally able to help you, should you need additional calibrations.

After 10 years of intensive research and consistent improvements of product and production methods, we are now able to standardize this highly sensitive electro-optical metrology technology to such an extent that all units are calibration compatible. We call this feature EasyCal technology

Calibrations are directly interchangeable with EasyCal and are no longer device specific, which is particularly beneficial for large user networks.
On request, all older oil film gauges of the NG model series can be upgraded with the EasyCal technology.

In case you want to produce calibrations of your own, this video may help you to prepare homogeneous films on your samples: video instruction for film preparation