The procurement and process integration of an Infralytic oil film gauge (IOS) is a serious and important step for your production quality. The extent of the effort, but primarily also how much of a benefit will be associated with this is frequently difficult to assess in advance. If you are asking yourself

how manufacturing and inspection processes are simplified or eliminated entirely, or simply only change with an IOS,
whether you will save enough time to justify the training effort,
how easy the use or how accurate the measurement will be,
whether your customers will appreciate the improved quality,
how enthusiastically users will accept the simplicity, the accuracy and speed of the thickness measurement,
or you simply want to find out why Infralytic measurement instruments have become the best selling oil coat thickness gauge in Europe,

then you should immediately consult with our employees , or take advantage of our rental service.

If you are not certain about financing, you may want to consider one of our leasing models.

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