Just like an automobile, an Infralytic oil film gauge (IOS) is a complex machine that cannot be easily maintained and repaired without considerable technical expertise. We therefore provide:

  • telephone-based support for technical questions
  • repairs (for the NG oil film gauge this has only been required as a result of the unit falling from greater height)
  • recalibrations (regular verification and correction of the measurement accuracy, when required) including calibration certificate
  • topic specific technical information in the login section
  • employee training e.g. to create calibrations in-house
  • accessories and spare parts
  • installation or creation of new calibrations
  • upgrading your equipment e.g. upgrade with EasyCal technology
  • remote sevice; hook up the instrument, download program below and then call us for further instructions

    Download TeamViewerQS

Of course you can also purchase reasonably priced new units through our factory-direct sales, or rent or lease units on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis. You should consider the former primarily when you are not yet certain how much of a benefit you can expect to gain by using an IOS.


You can obtain a temporary unit at favorable rental terms while your oil film gauge is with us for recalibration, upgrading or repair.
If you decide to purchase your first new IOS unit within 6 months after a trial rental, we can credit a certain amount of the rental fee toward the purchase price.

Should you have general questions, or require information about our terms and conditions, regarding technical specifications or feasibility, feel free to simply contact us!