More than 30 years of technical expertise

More than 30 years of technical experiseThe innovative management team consists of two brilliant minds who represent an ideal blend of technical expertise and ideas.

Dr. rer. nat. Thomas Huth-Fehre has spent more than 30 years in his role as a graduate experimental physicist researching the wavelength-specific interaction of light with matter (spectroscopy).

After 10 years of strictly focusing on academic research on high-resolution laser spectroscopy on dual atom molecules and mass spectrometry on bio-molecules, he dedicated his time since 1993 to applied sensor technology research at the Institute for Chemical and Biosensor Technology in Münster.

This is where infrared spectroscopy quickly developed into a focus of his activities. Since 1999, he has continued his research as the founder of Infralytic GmbH.

More than 30 years of technical expertise 1The graduate chemist, Michael Tummuscheit, has been self-employed since 1995 and has been working on developing and building research apparatus and devices up to technical center scale.

For more than 30 years, he has been addressing the metrology validation capabilities of phenomena in the natural sciences. His special interest in the physical//chemical properties of matter, the technical feasibility of solving metrology problems and their design-engineering implementation has led him to infrared spectroscopy.

The development and refinement of technical solutions in this field has been his primary area of activity for more than 15 years.