Reference projects

Ice sensor for wind turbines

The quintessential solution to the problem of recognizing icing on blades, not only in inaccessible offshore or mountainous regions. An ice sensor avoids unnecessary equipment downtime, facilitates system shutdowns with sufficient notice during icing and immediate start up after deicing.

  • current-free measurement directly in the area of the greatest icing risk along the leading edge of the blade
  • redundant system – up to three blades can be monitored
  • maintenance-free
  • usable in all applications with a tendency toward surface icing


  • Online icing monitoring

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Research projects

  • Wind energy: Flow measurements on rotor blades – increase your energy production!
    Large energy producing wind turbine plants currently have a hub height of 100 m and blade lengths of up to 60 m. The blade tip therefore moves in heights ranging from 40 to 160 m above ground. At these considerable height differences, the wind speed varies dramatically. Even today, the wind speed is only measured at hub height, and the angle of attack is adjusted to correspond to this “average wind speed”. Adjusting the angle of attack based on the current wind speed at any point during the rotation will definitively increase the energy yield. However, there are currently no sensors available that measure the wind speed at the far end of the blade.

This is going to change!

We have just recently started developing a sensor that is capable of measuring the wind speed parallel to the surface at its installation location. It has a diameter of less than 2 cm and is flush with the blade surface. All connections to the hub are strictly based on fiber-optic conductors, therefore eliminating any form of electrostatic or lightning strike problems.

We are looking for collaboration partners from the wind energy industry to continue developing and testing these sensors. 

  • Ice sensor for small wind turbines (SWT)
  • Sensor for reducing salt spreading volumes